A tool to automatically rebalance your crypto portfolio

CryptoETF is an open-source portfolio overview tool for your cryptocoin capitalization -weighted portfolio.

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Heads up, the tool does not automatically rebalance the portfolio (yet). But it shows the recommended holdings based on the market capitalization strategy.
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@benmarten Nice work! Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by "the market capitalization strategy"?
@benmarten @alexpark I believe he is referring to having a portfolio of the top n (normally 10-20) crypto assets by a market cap weighted average. Meaning if BTC represents 40% of the market cap of ALL total crypto assets, it would represent 40% of your portfolio, and so forth for the top n crypto assets.
Can you use this to calculate profit/loss per coin? Let's say you start with X dollars and buy 10 BTC in USD for rate of r_bu1 (BTC/USD). Assuming there is no fees. Next day you buy 5 ETH but pay in BTC for rate of r_eb1 (ETH/BTC). How much is your profit/loss? You can simply use today's exchange rates of r_bu2 (BTC/USD) and r_eu2 (ETH/USD) and find out your portfolio is worth Y dollars, and then calculate Y-X. But What is your profit/loss per cryptocurrency? i.e. what is profit/loss for BTC and for ETH separately? Given the transactions, how do you calculate the profit/loss per cryptocurrency in the general case where you have multiple coins across multiple markets, and the fees are not zero?
Is there a way of doing this in Excel manually? The general recommendation is to not store crypto on exchanges.
Awesome idea Ben, I've been looking for something like this :)