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Mail us to | Get access to over 180,000+ Crypto Investor & Influencers with 90+ segmented list including Investors, Journalists, Founders, Workforce, YouTubers, Advisers etc..,
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Pros : - Big database with versatile categories. - Affordable and cost effective. Cons : - You won't able to filter and download.
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@adalquardz I agree!!! - Thanks for the review Adal!
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@adalquardz @g_moorthy Do we get the emails or do we pay you to send on our behalf?
@adalquardz @kierankyle - On purchase - you will get all the emails in CSV / XLS file . You can use any tools to reach out. - In this video, you will get the better idea :
Nice!!! Pros : Big Crypto database suitable for even startups low cost Cons : No filter options Website is slow Only accept Crypto payments
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@igor_lukic I agree with everything - In some cases, we receive payments with Paypal - Also, we will upgrade the server for sure!!! - My apologies!
Hi everyone - This is RG Moorthy - Co-founder @ CryptoCrowd.Co. 😊 The world of crypto is rapidly growing. In this competitive Crypto market, It is always difficult to find right investors, advisors, partners, journalists, workforce, etc.., Collecting those data and reaching them takes a lot of manual effort, time and cost. This is CryptoCrowd.Co 💥🔥 With CryptoCrowd we provide curated list of 180,000+ Crypto/ICO Investors & Influencers ranging from Crypto Investors, Youtubers, Journalists, Partners, Advisers, Workforce to Hedge funds. If you are a crypto startup, This database will be a great resource for Investor Reach out, Marketing, Recruitment, Media coverage, User Onboarding, etc.., We understand - These kind of leads/prospects data are valuable only if it is consumed by few. So we plan to sell it to a few by "demand-based pricing" ⚡️⚡️As a ProductHunt offer - For 1st 25 customers, We give it in the discounted price of 999USD. After that, the price will be increased to 1500 + 50 ( for each sale ) like 1550, 1600, 1650, etc..,⚡️⚡️ Let us know what you think in the comments below. The CryptoCrowd team and I are here to answer any questions - Also you can reach us at "" Thanks for your support, 🤗
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Excellent Job, @g_moorthy. If I need only ICO founders data - how can I download?
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@starr00891 Thanks Petar, At this point in time, you wouldnt be able to filter and download - On purchase you will get all the data ( 180K ) in CSV / XLS file.
I understand the "Demand based pricing" is great, but how can you stop someone from reselling this data?
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@adalquardz Thnk you!!! - Actually, we provide frequent updates for the database - Only customers will have the access to it. With our policy - customers shouldn't resell the data