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CryptoCelebrity allows you to buy and sell celebrity smart contracts, powered by Ethereum. There is only one smart contract per celebrity – once you own it, you’re the only one in the world who has it.

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  • Honey Raj Varma
    Honey Raj VarmaRaj Ventures, R&Ds

    FOMO, Smart contract % for donation to charity (not sure which celeb is verified yet though and long-term fate)


    Don't know makers yet

    Decided to give it a try, good mix of celebs to know more about - although they may not know this exists. Cool concept - making ETHETHETHETHETHETH for science.

    Honey Raj Varma has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Great community, ambitious developers, opportunity to make eth


    still in early phases, getting everything set up

    hi, my name is phil, long story short I got obsessed with crypto games since CK and decided to make a directory of new games as they came out on discord (proud to say almost 1000 members, the most comprehensive directory thus far and considering plans to expand)

    That being said, I have unofficially had the opportunity to help with the community aspect with a lots of games. I ended up in the position of managing the CryptoCelebrities unofficial discord chat, (which the developers now use for regular communication), and so far my experience with the CC team has been overwhelmingly positive. They are very honest intentioned and are dedicated to protecting their investors, and HUGELY ambitious. I got a 'sneak peak' of some of what is coming for them and I think its huge. I have fortunately made a significant amount of eth off investing in Celebrities, but I continue to reinvest all my profits because I am so confident in the developers and the direction they are taking the game.

    Basically Im saying this because, i know on the outside something like this could look sketchy and unsustainable, so I just wanted to give an earnest opinion. Many others feel the same way about the team. They reinvest a lot of their profits back in the game and are constantly improving it - One epic change they just added is INTEREST PAYMENTS daily for top rankers (I literally get eth free everyday just for being in the top 50) So cool.

    Very happy I found out about this dapp, and excited for a promising future!

    Phil has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Fun, made 6K in a day trading cards


    Website was slow due to traffic

    I decided to give this a try. I bought eminem, Kylie Jenner, Dr Dre, MGK and others. I sold the same cards for a profit of 6 ETH. Literally in a couple hours. Had fun. As long as your not the guy stuck holding a 33K Trump card, it’s pretty cool.

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  • Pros: 

    Made a little cash, had fun trading


    Website issues, slow and had trouble loading hopefully due to traffic

    Thought this was a joke, bought a couple celebs, they sold the same day. I got an email update and was like "holy shit" I made 2 ETH. I'm not much for gambling so I may buy some more with the profit we'll see. Fun experience

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  • Dany
    DanyLead UX Designer

    Funny concept through Celebs !


    Beta not ended (one month or so?)

    The launch isn't allready done so you can have slow moments. But anyway i'm having fun and enjoying the fact that i can Hold my fav Celebs Like Pharrel Williams or Sofia Vergara haha

    Dany has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Interesting idea


    0.97 ETH is what you need to get started NOT 0.02 as claimed

    No celebrities at claimed 0.02 ETH, the market starts at 0.97, there are no new celebs released, so it's aweful :(

    Svetlana Sh. has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Donate to charity


    Don't get

    You can have fun participating in is game using cryptocurrency. You can even make some money if you play smart.

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  • taxomate

    Neat idea, running much better now that BETA is ending



    Hopefully they add more features

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