Hacker News for Crypto

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With all the content out there on Crypto, this was waiting to happen 😬 Will it be sustainable? Communities are hard to maintain!
@bentossell Yeah that has been the most difficult part. To be honest I have not spent much time at all promoting it. I have considered automatically posting articles from scrapped sources but have not gone down that road yet. Ideally I would love to create a community based on user contributed content and discussion.
@lukemhamilton oh for sure! There are a few crypto Facebook groups that post great content and have active users. worth checking out there!
@bentossell Awesome! Appreciate the suggestion. I'll check those out :)
Hello! I'm the creator of CryptoBuzz. I would love any feedback anyone has. How would you improve the site? Any thoughts on building the community? Would you be interested in a weekly newsletter of the top stories? Also if you have any suggestions of tags to add for assigning to articles please let me know and I will add them. Thanks :)
@lukemhamilton Newsletters aren't new - I'd personally be more interested in highlights of insightful discussions.
@_sklahr_ That's a great idea. I need to build more of a community first in order to have the discussion content to leverage.
@lukemhamilton Maybe you can promote on Hacker News itself? That way you attract people who already like / are accustomed to that community format.
@_sklahr_ Yes, I still haven't submitted it to HN yet. It would probably work well for a Show HN style post.
Looks dead-ish.
@jarodym Maybe the Hunt will give them a much-needed boost πŸ˜„
@jarodym @_sklahr_ Hey! I'm the creator of CryptoBuzz. I created it as a side project and have not done much promotion yet.
Nice. πŸ‘
Hopefully something like this takes off. There needs to be an alternative to for token pre-sales, news, and blockchain products in general.