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With the surge of Cryptocurrency news and chatter out there I thought I'd do what I usually do to learn about it more - build something I built this SUPER simple bot (which is FAR from perfect) to do a few things - Track tokens and ICOs - Be a news aggregator - subscribe to the above I'm sure theres a load of things that I need to tweak but for now it does the job. You can subscribe to the feeds too. Sources include Token Market and Cryptscout (I did have the crypto market prices but the RSS feed kept fucking up and looking terrible on the bot so I've taken it off)
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@bentossell Bot Tossell is at it again!
Nice one, I built something similar for iOS
@martagonz well I'm sure its way better than this! Post it :)
@bentossell πŸ˜„ simple but effective.. HelI yeah, I should post it
Scheduled notifications for prices would be awesome :) It would mean I can stop checking Coinbase every 30 minutes.. lol
@philhudson91 +1, also beats the ifttt recipes I have set up πŸ€–
I was just searching for this to check if someone did it. Like the concept, but I would simplify the content consumption navigation as the slideshow is too distracting.
@raviformative yeh nothing I can do there as its the template for the RSS feed in chatfuel. I don't tweak any code (because I've no idea how) so this ugly looking thing will have to do for now :)
@bentossell haha, serves the purpose for me :)
@raviformative haha yeh me too. I'm sure someone will make a better and prettier one. For now MVP will do
This really serves the purpose of catching up about cryptos and its current craze (hope it just doesn't fade away) Btw, with the many bots I have built - I surely want to post and see the traction I would get from ProductHunt - never thought simple bots like these get featured here! I should try.
@adithya go for it! we've had a lot of bots featured on PH