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Looks very similiar to - how are you different? :) I'm currently getting started with blockchain and I'm greatful for new resources so, the more the merrier!
@itsdavelux Hey David. Yes indeed, it is similar. Actually we both independently were building the same thing during the same time frame without even knowing. I was looking to launch around 1st Aug but due to some issues, I couldn't. I had a second thought before posting it here because of redundancy but then thought PH is about sharing what you have built and doesn't matter much if there are similar things so here I am :) I am trying to add more resources around upcoming cryptocurrencies so you can look out for that, also I just want to collect everything cool that I find keep it up to date that's it! Let me know if you would like to something else or have any suggestions :D
@0xethan Thanks for your honest answer Ethan, I highly appreciate that. Actually, I was in the same situation a few years ago. I've built something and two months later I found out that there's almost the same product already out there (it was also a niche platform). Ideas are happening everyday, the world is big enough for all of them and the market gets to decide anyways :) My story ended with selling the project to the aforesaid competitor after I differentiated it by adding some unique features. Wasn't a big deal tho ๐Ÿ˜- anyways, the best of luck to you! PS: I'm currently looking for mooc's and the like to get started, while reading whitepapers and books.
Helpful for newcomers to Cryto like me. I was working to learn all these things from scattered resources. It's good that all of them consolidated well here. Ethan, what are the cryptos to bet for new comers like me?
@ram_rayavarapu Hey Ram! That's a really a great question. There's so much junk and scams nowadays that it's really hard to figure out which project would work out and which would cease to exist next year. It is really important to understand the fundamentals of the technology that you're investing in and in a fast moving cryptoworld it's not easy to keep up with everything happening. Not financial advice but for beginners it would be better to just hodl and stick with popular coins like Bitcoin, Ether which have proved themselves over the years rather than go for risky ones.
don't forget to add Crypton app ;)
@0xethan It seems that the website is down...

It has a wide range of useful links


It has a wide range of useful links


It does not list the crypto directory https://CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY