Crypto Pro

A crypto tracker that doesn't track you back

All-in-one crypto tracking app designed for privacy. There are no ads or user tracking frameworks inside and your portfolio is stored locally. Meaning that nobody knows what prices you are viewing, what news you are reading or how much crypto you are hodling.
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Great for people who hold a lot of alts (me)


Clean, simple interface. Able to connect wallets with its portfolio. Easily tracks my trades and balances on exchanges automatically.


News might be able to be improved on but really not much else.

This is the apple of crypto. They don't track anything about us and store all our account details locally. Give it a try, you will love like me!!! I first downloaded summer 2018 and since then I never moved to another crypto account management app.


The design is the best user friendly one I ever had in an app. Everything is very smooth, fast and has no crash.


Honestly I couldn't find any.


Is my app of choice, and i (and some more) paid for it, in the beginning i couldn’t recommend it more, but in some point the features we paid for, just dissapeared and it turns out we have to pay again for it (another subscription) so those who supported the app and paid for it just lost our money and our features. Why just don’t give our features back or give us the non server features?


• Gives you some of the best features you would want in a crypto app.


• This app was paid, now the developer turned it free and is asking for a subscription to get features we already paid for.

Not true. Premium is for new set of features above the original paid. None of the original features were removed from paid users. If something went missing, it must be a bug, so please contact our support, we don’t have any similar reports so far.