Crypto Pro

A crypto tracker that doesn't track you back

All-in-one crypto tracking app designed for privacy. There are no ads or user tracking frameworks inside and your portfolio is stored locally. Meaning that nobody knows what prices you are viewing, what news you are reading or how much crypto you are hodling.
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9 Reviews4.4/5
My favorite mobile tracker. Hands down. Worth every cent.
@ourielohayon Thank you for the support! ✌️
I created Crypto Pro with goal of having crypto app as if was made by Apple (design and privacy wise). App doesn't collect any private data and your portfolio is by default only stored locally (you can optionally backup & sync to your iCloud or Dropbox account or export to .csv file). App supports every cool iOS feature like: - Siri integration - today widgets - watch app with complications - FaceID & Touch ID app lock - customizable app icons - haptic feedback - 3D Touch and Peek & Pop - rich notifications - iPad splitview & slideover - iOS accessibility We just expanded support to 5000+ crypto assets on 65+ exchanges! Everything above is free, the only paid features are automatic exchange API imports, wallet tracking and candlestick charts with indicators. Check our super short privacy policy: Ask us anything!
Really enjoy using this app. It's so well put together and easy to glance at on any given day. Amazing tracker, super customisable alerts and having a filter for news of your portfolio or favourite projects is genius. Your other app 'AdBlock X' @samuellaska is also A+ quality. Thanks for your efforts, they really make a difference!
@david_west glad you like them both. I am obsessed with iOS, privacy & crypto 😅
By far the best tracker on iOS. I am ultra fan of the « Apple experience ».
@mdesvigne you will love the macOS when it gets out, it's already looking lit in dev :)

Great for people who hold a lot of alts (me)


Clean, simple interface. Able to connect wallets with its portfolio. Easily tracks my trades and balances on exchanges automatically.


News might be able to be improved on but really not much else.