Crypto Price Tracker

An app for all your cryptocurrency needs!

Crypto Price Tracker is a beautiful and simple app that helps users track cryptocurrency prices from 18+ exchanges, set price alerts, and manage their portfolio.

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Hi PH community, I’m Harshita. I’m 16. I’m the maker of Crypto Price Tracker app. I decided to build Crypto Price Tracker because I was frustrated of using horribly-designed cryptocurrency price tracking and portfolio management apps out there. I also wanted some app that could send me price notifications every morning and when prices drop/go above a certain threshold. So I made an app with all of these features and more. Currently, Crypto Price Tracker helps you track real-time prices of: 1000+ cryptocurrencies from over 18 exchanges and in 32 fiat currencies It also lets you set alerts and manage your portfolio. FEATURES: - Beautifully animated price graphs for all cryptos to monitor price growth during the last 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year, allowing you to quickly gauge a crypto’s growth over a period of time to determine what crypto you should invest in next! - Wishlist to easily track your favorite coins in one place without having to scroll through hundreds of cryptos or search for your favorite ones every time. You can also use it to add the same coin from multiple exchanges to monitor the price differences for arbitrage. - Set alerts to always keep yourself updated! Create time-based alerts to get prices of a coin as a push notification daily/weekly/monthly at a specific time. - Create price threshold-based alerts to get push notifications when the price of a certain coin drops, goes up, or decreases or increases by a certain %. - Crypto investors can create a portfolio within seconds by just entering the amount of coin they own and the buying price. The app will show you profit/loss, 24hour gain, total gain, and the total current value of their assets. All these features and more in one beautifully designed app. :) No email sign up required. No ads. No subscription fee. -> iPhone X supported. -> Available in 10 languages. -> 32 fiat currencies and 18 exchanges supported for every feature. -> Beautiful and user-friendly design keeping all the crypto-obsessed, crypto-curious, and the amazing crypto community in mind! I’d love to get some feedback on the app and I’m happy to answer questions!
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Thanks for hunting @harshita_arora I'm so impressed a teenage coder built this! When did you first get into cryptocurrencies?
@abadesi hi! Thank you! I learnt about cryptocurrencies only ~2016. And I got into iOS apps only in 2017. So I’m still quite a beginner 😄
@harshita_arora well done on a great first product. Very easy to use, navigate and set up alerts. Cheers to many more apps in the future.
@jacquesvh thank you so much! Glad to know you liked using it! :) Would appreciate a lot if you shared it with your friends! :)
Impressive design and functionality! Your age and background make this app even more outstanding. Crazy first product! 😮
@hristiyandodov thank you! Did you try out the app? :)
@harshita_arora Unfortunately, no, I don’t have an Apple device. 🙁 The video alone was enough to impress me, though! If you drop an Android version, I’ll definitely try it out! 👍
@hristiyandodov no problem! thank you! I'd appreciate if you shared it with your friends! :)
@dodooov That's true! I am still in a shock! :D amazing work!!! Go girl!!!
You're right about the horribly-designed crypto tracking applications. That said, one easy thing you could do to improve the general utility of this application is sync via API keys to help show the true value of portfolios across exchanges. Managing holdings across exchanges, including fees, etc. can be tedious. Good start! 👏
@george_dy Thank you! I'm looking into doing the automatic portfolio sync, yes!
Looks great and congrats. Any trial codes for PH members? (:
@notthatchirag hi! No, sorry :( I used almost 90/100 promo codes already for journalists, bloggers, etc

I heard this app is good? I hope it will if i will findout in Google playstore and, it is love to heard that 16years old girl made it. Definitely appreciated.. and Best of luck for future projects... keep this up.Never felt down if some one point out bugs or say negative... Always take that as a positive... Cheers😊


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