Crypto All-Stars Trading Cards

Buy/sell collectible crypto All-Star cards on the blockchain

Buy, sell, and trade crypto your favorite crypto All-star cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

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  • Eliezer SteinbockFounder, Draft Fantasy

    An exact clone of CryptoCelebs


    An exact clone of CryptoCelebs

    I really like the originality and copy and paste of a successful product. Great business idea though and a pyramid scheme where money flows from the rich to the poor

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  • pinguino kolbCEO and Co-Founder, Cuddli

    Funniest thing I've seen all month


    I can't afford any of my favorite twitter people

    Best idea. Can't wait til they add more crypto twitter friends

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Josh PettyMakerHiring@jashpetty · Keep calm and HODL on ✌️
Hello Hunters 👋 has launched! It’s a marketplace where users can collect Smart Contracts of their favorite Crypto Twitter personalities. Some very talented people came together to bring this idea to life!! A special thank you to @bentossel for hunting CSA today. 🙏 - @nondually handled the product design - @surfcoderepeat and @jdourlens pulled a late night building the website and smart contracts on Ethereum - @coinyeezy mostly just tweeted alot 😂 We would love to hear what you think about the concept and our website! The current version is early and is just for fun. Remember, its just a game! 🤓 Get it here 👉 PS. Check out @jdourlens project DAppBoard: An analytics tool for Ethereum decentralized apps.
Marcus Molchany@molchanimal · software engineer
@bentossel @nondually @surfcoderepeat @jdourlens @coinyeezy @jashpetty congrats on the launch everyone, this project is awesome! how many crypto twitter celebs do you plan to add on here?
@molchanimal 51 to start!
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Co-Founder, Token Daily
Famous.AF meets the Blockchain Was only a matter of time :)
Eliezer Steinbock@eliezer_steinbock · Founder, Draft Fantasy
@bentossell lol. CryptoCelebs did it first
AdamMaker@surfcoderepeat · Freedom
Tomorrow we will add all the all stars :) , does @producthunt want to be an allstar and donate all the proceedings from their handle?
Crypto Randy MarshMaker@nondualnelly
Proud to be a part of this project! Thank you to the guys who pulled an all nighter last night to get this thing going! Can't wait to see this thing purr.
Eliezer Steinbock@eliezer_steinbock · Founder, Draft Fantasy
Congrats on creating the exact same thing as CryptoCelebs!
@eliezer_steinbock thanks Eliezer you're awesome!