CrunchBase 2.2

Discover innovative companies and the people behind them

We shared some exciting news last week about the future of CrunchBase. This week, we are proud to announce another milestone — the launch of a brand new CrunchBase, customized for our users! We listened to user feedback and have built a great new feature set to enhance the experience on CrunchBase. What’s new? My CrunchBase, a new Homepage, custom Activity Feed, Alerts, Discover, News from 400+ sources, and Timelines. Experience the new CrunchBase! **We value your input, and would love to hear what other features you’d like to see.
@gianni510 Love crunchbase but am kinda disappointed since you guys removed API access with the V3. Would be awesome if you guys would allow at least Read access over the API. Possible?
Isn't this like Peeple but only for companies? 😜
Looks great, Gianni!
I think it's an homage to Mattermark which started on CrunchBase's data stack but then they decided to roll their own