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Hi all, co-founder here. CROWDYHOUSE is a premiere (launch) platform and marketplace for over 750 of the best professional furniture designers and makers in Europe. As founders with backgrounds in architecture and design we realized professional designers needed a launch platform that removed all the extras the generic crowdfunding platforms provide. We help the designers with promoting their premiere through sending out press releases on their behalf and sharing the launch through our affiliate partners. We offer design fans a place where they can discover the latest 'new to market' products all in 1 place. By accepting only the best designers we can guarantee the quality, originality and exclusivity of the premieres. We are looking for affiliate partners and additionally would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.
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I smell a ProductHunt x CrowdyHouse collab regarding new physical products channel for PH. < Which would be epic btw.
@leonpals That's a good smell. We thought about using the tagline here "The Product Hunt for design". @rrhoover any thoughts?
@mark_studholme @leonpals love this idea and we may do more co-curated collections with awesome people and brands after a redesign (currently in progress). cc @melissajoykong
@rrhoover @leonpals @melissajokong sounds great. We could help curate a "design for techies" collection, i.e. laptop stands, desks, phone cases, notepads - which we have plenty of.
Awesome products! I didn't know about CrowdyHouse but now checking their website, they do indeed have rad products. Going to check it out later and use my PH discount. Thanks!
@rutgerteunissen nice to hear Rutger. All the compliments go straight to the designers. They are listening :-).
@rutgerteunissen Come on you Top Name Rutger, follow Fast Moving Targets and Top Names a little bit more and you would have known for a long time ;-)
@mark_studholme @rutgerteunissen lol yes i should have known for sure, but even I can't watch all FMT episodes. Have some work to do myself!
Very nice to see CrowdyHouse featured on PH! Really cool product giving the design community some much needed (super) powers, reach and exposure, go go @mark_studholme @michaeljcompton and rest of the team working hard behind the scenes!
@adrianleb Thanks Adrian. And all your help of course with helping us build a small part of it.
CrowdHouse became my favorite place to add interior and decoration to my home as these items are not only high quality and special, but you can feel the passion of the designers who creating them. Also the team did a great job in delivering awesome customer experience.
@awchristoph thanks Christoph.