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Crowdwish is kind of a crazy idea. People submit wishes, anything from "I wish I could get a discount on a Macbook Air" to "I wish I was a better cook." Wishes that receive the most support, get "backed" by Crowdwish and they try to make the wish come true. We'll bring in the founder to explain it better than I can. :)
Thanks Ryan, I'm Bill Griffin, the founder of Crowdwish. Please feel free to ask me anything about the site.
We work on the principle that the more people want things, the more likely those things are to manifest. Unlike a Groupon, or, say, Kickstarter, model where a certain number of 'backers' are required to create an action, we make things happen every single day. These actions can be anything - a discount on a product, a new experience, a cause you believe in, advice you need, a service you require. Anything.
We've been live for a month and in that time, we've helped people to learn about wine, contact their heroes, get assistance with public speaking, dance, cook in a professional kitchen, find a bone marrow donor, talk about mental illness, get a discount at TopShop, buy a cheaper iPhone and a whole bunch of other things.
We've had a great reaction to the site via twitter, are building an app and can legitimately claim to be the most user orientated business out there - we don't tell people what they can have, we ask them to tell us, then take action against those desires - whatever they may be (providing they're legal obvs)