Automate repetitive work with people

With CrowdSync, you can eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks with people by building easy workflows to automate and track people through any process! From onboarding 50 people into your class, to putting out a call for papers for your conference, put people through any process, with automated reminders and an instant glance at their progress.

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Hey y’all! Justin Davis from CrowdSync here. We created CrowdSync to solve a nagging problem that I had when doing user research - dealing with the tedious, repetitive work that often comes when putting people through any kind of repetitive process. (Copying emails over...and over...and over...and over…… bueno) With CrowdSync, you can create any process to put people through. Each process is made up of steps: - inbound (online forms, submitting documents, scheduling time on a calendar, etc), - wait (hold for approval, wait until a date, etc) - outbound (send an email/text/postcard, etc) Put these together in any combination you want, to reflect whatever your process is. Plus, track where everyone is in the process in real-time, set up automated reminders, and get instant notifications when people finish your process! This was the product I wish had existed when I did user research and spent HOURS onboarding people into each one of my research studies. Would love to know what y’all think, and what y’all would love from it!
Hey Justin! Happy to see this on PH! Crowdsync has come really far and I'm excited to see where it goes!
@danny_nav Thanks Danny! Appreciate all the support!
Hey guys! really excited about this. Best use case I can think of so far is bachelor parties - such a nightmare of planning.
@will_mclellarn thanks Will! Bachelor parties are a great idea! Events in general are a pretty big target for us, given all the people wrangling that goes on :) Thanks for the note!

Have wrangled complicated recruits for user research studies that involve everything from applications to consent forms to scheduling and then follow up. CrowdSync is the first tool I've ever encountered that rolls everything into one. I've attempted to use apps like Trello in the past, but it lacks the outreach and management functionality that CrowdSync has. Once things like scheduling are added, this app will become even more powerful. It's been amazing to see the rapid pace of development and upgrades to this tool, as well as the smooth rollout of new features as they are added and launched. I get more excited about CrowdSync and its ability to streamline the onerous job of trying to align people, process and paperwork every time I use it.


CrowdSync is the first app I've seen that actually pulls all the various, disparate systems and processes we use into one simple tool.


None that I can see so far. Interested to see what other functionality is added over time. Nothing missing that I can see at the moment!

This looks really cool. As an operations/systems nerd myself, I can't wait to give it a demo and see if it can work with what I've got going on!
@growwithlogan awesome Logan! We're operations/systems nerds as well, so of the same ilk :) Definitely let us know what you think, and what would help make your life even easier with it!