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Hey, Ever since launching Kickbooster we gets tons of people reaching out looking for help on how to properly run their upcoming crowdfunding campaign. So after seeing Brams Startup Stash I thought it would be a perfect fit to create something similar for crowdfunding. Crowdstack has over 350 resources to help campaigns all the way from pre launch to eCommerce and its conveniently broken down into the common phases of a typical crowdfunding campaign. So check out Crowdstack its a hybrid between Startup Stash and Product Hunt as users are able to upvote products in each category allowing visitors to gauage a resources popularity. This took me way longer than I thought it would so myself and everyone at Kickbooster hopes you enjoy it!
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@scottradamson Great Job Scott, It's pretty straight forward for even basic users. Amazing collection of Resources
@scottradamson Scott, I think you just simplified crowdfunding :)
@cassieousta Thanks Cassie!
@bramk Yeah Bram you came up with a great idea... I think I account for 5% of your monthly visits. Looking forward to your next launch.
Fantastic Collection of useful resources, well done!
@chliounakis Thanks Mike, let me know if you think I am missing anything.
@scottradamson @chliounakis How about a Collection of useful Ebooks and Tutorials?
Great work on this Scott! Glad to be a part of it
Awesome work, @scottradamson! Excited to see how this evolves as a resource.
This is nice to see! Thanks @scottradamson! Seems very well done and comprehensive. Lots of great tools out there in this space and it's good to see them all in one place. Kickstarter has something similar but I find it difficult to find at times:
@nathanpalmer Thanks Nathan, let me know if you think I am missing anything on here.