Pledge time, instead of money, in exchange for rewards.

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Hi Hunters! Excited to show you CrowdRaising. It is a platform that works like crowdfunding but campaigns ask for pledges of time, rather than money, for rewards, cash, or equity. They are currently running a meta-campaign. Their ask is for people to pledge time to beta test, give feedback, and make introductions for the platform itself. Separately, they are looking for a few developers for a small project where the reward is cash.
@izqui9 Thanks Jorge! And hello Hunters. We're very excited to have launched It is the culmination of several years of experimentation with open innovation. Our platform will allow people with creative projects to run CrowdRaising campaigns, manage their crowd tasks, and raise one another. We're here to answer any questions and look forward to working with all of our pledgers to test and improve our platform.
This is very meta.
@daveometer Yo dawg, I heard you liked crowdraising campaigns... [xzibit.gif]
"Pledge time instead of money" sounds cool. Although keeping crowd active in a project looks challenging. All the best!
@sravang Thanks! That's exactly the pain we are trying to solve for others by including a game element in the platform. It will be fun building that part together with our crowd.