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Hello Hunters! @Cronycle we believe the Internet is a fantastic place to research a topics of interest. However, it can be sometimes overwhelming to get to the good pieces of information quickly. Noise to signal has become a real problem where social platforms tend to promote content virality over quality and integrity. We believe that if we give the right tools to teams we can help inverse the trend, and help you and your friends surface the valuable content more easily and build interesting insight on top. We have a rich roadmap ahead of us. Go and check us out. Give us your feedback. Happy content Hunting! Nicolas Co-Founder
I've been using Cronycle with my team for a while, and it really proved to be a structured approach to attract value for us from all the news covering our industry and dissect certain aspects of a topic in comments. We've followed and compared with our competitors closely across all channels, while staying inspired on the new areas ahead like blockchain and digital fantasy sports :)
@kzograf Thanks for hunting us Kalina!! :) It's great to be on PH.
@kzograf Thanks for Hunting us!
Hi everyone! It's great to be on Product Hunt today! The internet is a fantastic portal of information. It can be used to educate yourself on any topic. However, access to niche articles is becoming harder than ever with robotic algorithms. They often filter out interesting topics and tend to serve us information which engages us, rather than teaching us something new or something controversial. Cronycle was born out of a mission to give anyone the power to create their own custom feeds – to help them filter through to the internet to find the best information. However, we then realised that the reason why people used these feeds is to get in depth research into various topics. So we created a collaborative space where you can annotate relevant articles. This has been called a 'Pinterest for Business' (a lot of people called it that at TNW Conference last week) - and really helps you with expansive thinking around a topic. Would be great to find out what the community thinks of the idea, as well as how we've executed it :)
Alice, just hopped on and looks nice. Question, how does this differ from Kifi (other than the UI)?
@scottwwilliams Hey Scott - thanks for your question. Glad you like it! So our main differentiation would be the way you discover information on Cronycle. We take your RSS and Twitter feeds, and give you the ability to filter these feeds using select keywords (and Boolean search) so you can create a real-time updating Custom Feed. The second differentiation would be our reader - using this you can highlight inside the text and comment on specific lines - a bit like Medium - but you are working with a small team, and not a public one. We also have the Chrome and Safari (and iOS and Android) bookmarking functionality, so you can add articles to Boards direct from your browser. We're working on integrations with Slack, email etc so you'll soon be able to bookmark links from anywhere you choose. Have you tried creating Custom Feed? When you sign up you'll have a library of links to try out and get started! Otherwise, there is this 'how-to' to help out: Hope this helps!
@alicelthwaite Helps a lot, thanks. I really like the RSS feeds element - I use a cobbled together stack for research and Croncyle looks like it may help kill a few of my other tools (the fewer the better). Years ago, I ran across a product for Mac that I thought had great promise called Dunno (spacestation6 is the developer), which is similar in terms of using RSS feeds for research/discovery but they never expanded on it.
@scottwwilliams Great! Would love to hear how it goes for you!
@scottwwilliams Thanks for detailed feedback and question!
@alicelthwaite @scottwwilliams I can't see that Kifi offers any filtering / search either, or have I just missed it?
Authentication failed with Twitter sign-up but I am intrigued 👍🏼🤔
@mitzkahdrinnen thanks Richard. Looking into it now.
@mitzkahdrinnen we have resolved the issue you encountered. I invite you to give it another go!