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Hey Hunters!! I’m Nisha, co-maker of Croissant. Our app gets you access to a curated selection of inspiring workspaces. We are now LIVE in San Francisco and New York City *yay* PH Exclusive We are giving away a free 10-hour trial to anyone who signs up today! Your trial starts when you first use the app, so grab it even if you can't use it this week :) The story & vision Our vision is to make every day inspiring. The first step we are taking is to give you the tool to unlock amazing workspaces wherever and whenever you need to. People often ask us why we named our company Croissant. It goes back to the story of why we made this company, and why we are so excited about it. My cofounders and I were working on a completely different startup idea at the time. We would meet in NYC coffee shops to collaborate and get out of the house and get our creative juices flowing. However, we were often met with spotty wifi, lack of seats and plugs.. and even if we were able to grab a spot, we had to keep buying coffee and croissants to not feel guilty about staying there all day. So when we went to a hackathon last year, we looked to our current pain points and decided that finding an affordable and inspiring workspace was damn near impossible in Manhattan. Our MVP was an app to book seats at a coffee shop, but quickly pivoted to coworking spaces when we realized that the amenities and community were already in place there. Basically, we brought the coffee shop experience to the coworking space! We partnered with three of our favorite coworking spaces and launched in New York City last year. Our members have told us that we’ve completely changed the way they do work. It’s been what they call a “wild ride”, and we are SO excited to bring Croissant to the Bay Area!
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@nishsticks hey! I am the founder of a coworking space in Tel Aviv called The Pub Hub! Let me know how we can help launch this is Israel. I have all the info you would need.
@nishsticks I definitely like the name but I am just curious. Why Croissant? haha
@danielrubin109 Awesome! How can we get in touch? :)
@cemedericarak We used to buy croissants a lot when we worked from coffee shops because we felt bad for staying there all day. The idea is that instead of buying the pastry croissant, you can now use our membership Croissant as the pass that gets you a nice workspace!
@nishsticks you can email me at Daniel at thepubhubs.com
So excited for the new and improved Croissant with an updated design and new cities and spaces, including... SAN FRANCISCO! Now you can float between all the hip coworking spaces from NYC to SF with a Croissant membership.
@writerpollock Thank you sir! We're honored to have been hunted by the master from Minnesota!
This is really cool! What spaces do you have in San Francisco?
@trentbigelow Hi Trent! We currently have 11 spaces in San Francisco and 3 others in the Bay Area. We curate spaces with a cool and unique vibe. For example, Bespoke is the hottest space for retail meets technology and they have a rock climbing wall in the middle of the space. Parisoma has a strong emphasis on openness and collaboration and is perfect for designers and developers. These are just a few, but if you'd like to see the full list just visit https://www.getcroissant.com/dis....
Congratulations on the SF launch! Awesome way to find different spaces to work in, and you never get bored of your scenery. Fantastic deal today as well, definitely sign up for the free trial if you haven't used it yet! Good luck and can't wait to see you expand internationally!
@jenetahot thank you for the love Jeneta! Team Hungry Host lives on!
Amazing! Been using this product forever. Super sweet update. Congratulations on SF. Keep up the awesome work.
@aumaxima Thank you good sir. This is a delicious & flaky update indeed.