Multiple NYC workspaces for the price of one

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Thanks @KristoferTM for the shout out! Hey Product Hunt-ers, We're very excited and humbled to be featured. With Croissant, we made a way to have a place to work wherever you are. It's great for people who are on the go, or for people who just enjoy some variety. With one monthly membership, you have unlimited access to all our partner locations (including coworking spaces, offices, studios, and more). Simply browse available seats and check in! Right now we're live in our little hometown of NYC. If you're in the area, click "Get It" to go to our website and you will see a special Product Hunt offer! Wide open to any feedback you may have. Happy hunting :) - Nisha
.@nishsticks Congrats guys!! Amazing things are happening with Croissant! We're looking forward to shaping the future of work together!
@adamngreenwald @nishsticks Thank you Adam! We are so excited for the future of work. #lovewhatyoudo :)
For those who get tired of going to the same ole place, this is a sweet deal. $299/month
@nishsticks First off. Very cool idea. Was impressed seeing this idea out there, and ultra happy to see its in NYC ;) I know WeWork can run about $300/month for one location, so this seems like a no brainer to be able to pick and choose for a similar price I'm interested to know how the #s works between you and the office space if you're open to talking about it? Do you pay a flat fee to the office for the possibility that people might show up? Or do you give them a cut whenever people do use the space?
@kristofertm Thanks for the kind words! Monthly membership at an average coworking spot in Manhattan runs around $450. Undedicated desk memberships are slightly less, around $350. We love how there are so many unique office spaces in NYC and with Croissant, our members can explore awesome new places to work. We are experimenting with a couple different models, but for the most part we do revenue share with the spaces. We provide value to our partners by bringing brand new people into their doors. We aim to be advocates of a more free-range style of work and make finding alternative places to work mainstream :)
@nishsticks Love it. This is the future (and appreciate you sharing)
What's with the weird hours? 6am - 2pm???
@jakemor Hi Jake, which time zone are you in? Right now the times on the website are local so if you're in a different time zone, you'll see it for yours.
Super cool, @nishsticks. Going to try this out in SF. Nerdy question here, I saw that you're using Circular on your website. Is your h1 in bold or medium? (I'm a typeface nut!)