Easy peasy crm for Trello

Manage your sales pipeline by turning your Trello board into a powerful, yet easy to use CRM. In minutes, you can have a CRM right inside your Trello board, complete with custom fields, deal stages, and pipeline reporting.
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Wow, great product, sorry I can’t gives constructive feedback I’m not that well versed with sales
@rilwan_owolabi1 Thanks for your comment. We have may users reporting that they are using Crmble also for Hiring & Recruiting or Customer ticketing support so maybe you have a chance there. here I leave you our HR template just in case you want to take a look! Thanks!
As I am running almost my business in Trello I will give it a try. Having everything in one place sounds cool to me.
@info_weguest thanks for your feedback! Yeah that was our goal from the beginning. Have everything in one place so you don´t need to jump over different tools. If u need something just let us know!
I am giving it a shot for the las two weeks and man, that´s cool. It works smooth and they are constantly adding new features.
Curious what the next features you’ll be developing. This is amaziiiing!
@gianac Thank you Giana for your nice feedback. We have some great news to share. By the end of this week we will update Crmble with two long awaited and requested features. Google Form connection and more options to customize your lists and suite Crmble’s funnel to your needs. Cheers!
Great tool. Easy to use and with much potential. Quite happy so far!