Creww Coins

Reward your employees with coins for social media posts

Creww Coins is marketing tool to capitalize your team's social media reach. Automatically spread word about your product, features, deals and job postings. And, reward your employees with Creww Coins which they can redeem as Amazon Credits, Paytm Balance or Paypal credit.

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Hello all! Today, we are launching a major update in our product. It is called Creww Coins. Now, businesses can reward their employees for spreading word about the business. Marketers and HRs can capitalize their team's social media reach to spread word about features, deals, offers and job postings. In return, every user gets rewarded with Creww Coins. Creww Coins can be redeemed as Amazon Credits, Payment Balance or Paypal credit. Every month, we will give your business 150 coins X number of users. These coins get distributed as your team members start sharing content. You can add more coins to your account to keep your team members excited.
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@sharmag88 How does the system know that the content shared by the team is related to the company? I understand that this can be easily tracked when retweeting or sharing a company post. What if they create a new post where they write something about the company's product or a new job opening?
@agatakristo Good question. For now, we are keeping it simple. We let marketers & HRs to feed the system with content using in-built Add Content or Google Chrome ext. Also, our wordpress plugin allows you to automatically add new posts to Creww. Team members get notified about the new content & they can either share it manually or put it on automation.
been needing this! thanks