Creep Alert

Check if friends or colleagues track you via email

Creep Alert is the Chrome extension to end invasive email tracking. It blocks attempts at tracking you, and it has a one-click button that inserts a polite "don't track me"-response to the sender.
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Hi Producthunt! We’ve made Creep Alert because we’re getting creeped out of the mainstream adoption of email tracking between friends and colleagues. With some tracking services, people can not only check if you have opened the email. They can also see exactly when you opened it and how many times. They can even know if you opened it on a laptop or a phone, and where you were when you opened it. It should be needless to say, but doing this without the recipient knowing or consenting is downright unhealthy behavior in any personal or professional relationship. Creep Alert blocks attempts at email tracking and alerts you when someone has hidden an email tracker in an email they sent you. But blocking the email trackers is not enough. If the sender never gets any feedback on their behavior, they will continue to track the next person. To battle this, we’ve also made a “NOT OK”-button. It makes it super easy to reply with a polite message asking them to turn the tracking of in future emails. We would be happy for any feedback or ideas on how to improve Creep Alert :)
@henningsillerud I didn't realize this was even a thing... Thanks mate, I hate the idea of someone tracking my emails.
@kevint_o_m_a_s Oh, it most definetively is! It's suprisingly common... Luckily more and more publications are bringing attention to it these days.
@henningsillerud What can you see in our email and the contents of it? What do you track?
@kyle_bristow Hi Kyle! We don’t see anything in your emails. And we don’t track anything either. Everything is parsed and stored locally.
Hey @henningsillerud , congrats on the launch this sounds like a nice product. Q: why do you explicitly mention "friends or colleagues" who track you? Is it something technical (as only checking when the sender is in your contacts) or would it also work for any kind of email?
Thanks @marcbc! Good question. It works on any kind of email that have a pixel tracker in it. We're mentioning "friends or colleagues" for two reasons. 1/ About one fifth of every email between acquaintances are tracked according to reports. 2/ It serves as a concrete example for visitors. We also considered "Check if people are tracking you" but thought it sounded a bit more bland.
@henningsillerud thanks. It's definitively creeper if it's an acquaintance 😖
It's crazy the extent to which we are expected to just not care about privacy these days.
@david_clifford9 I know... How DARE you even to think about some privacy? 💩
Oh my! It works and now I know and I'm very very disturbed by my inbox 😅
@syswarren Haha, you can always take the blue pill and turn it back off 👁👁👁
@henningsillerud Too late. You opened my eyes.
Thank you! Adding immediately.