AirBnB for film locations

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 06, 2018

Cralocs is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for finding and booking locations for film shoots. Film shoot includes : movies, music videos, TV series, commercials, photography shoots and many more.

Rent your property as a film location and earn as low as $500/ day

Available in New York , Atlanta , Los Angeles.

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Hey @ibukunoluwa_salau, When will you be up and running with this cool project? Please tell us more!
@jacqvon it's going to be up for private beta from September 8th
Hopefully we are releasing to everyone else on the waiting list and general public in October
I could benefit from this lol
@jeffeisley yes you could. We are coming for you. 😀😀
@jeffeisley Check out MADSTUDIOS.COM
I've always thought this was a supergreat idea and noone did it before. Congrats!
We should definitely talk @ibukunoluwa_salau We have a database of thousands of producers looking for resources.
@ibukunoluwa_salau @briansjagger I would also check out We are already established in all of these markets. I am the PM for the site.
@briansjagger Thanks. Sent you a message