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Clark Valberg
@clarkvalberg · CEO at InVisionApp.com
Today we’re thrilled to share the latest from Craft—meet Craft Prototype, your tool for prototyping directly inside Sketch. When your designs are right at your fingertips, you can make faster, smarter decisions about your prototype. With Craft Prototype, we’re bringing a new level of context and continuity to your workflow. That means better products—faste… See more
Morten Christoffersen
@morten_ec · Designer
Very excited to finally get a chance to try to out in production! After I had the opportunity to play around with the initial beta several months back, the potential was immediately obvious – but with this official release, it's definitely taken to the next level. I'm really excited by how it not only integrates the initial prototyping features of Silver Flo… See more
Simeon Kim Duke
@simeonduke · Product/Service Designer
I've waited about a year or so for this plugin starting with Silver Flows. Downside: This does not let me prototype "inside" Sketch. It just syncs the hotspots and actions over to Invisionapp to coincide with the functions already available there. I could just use the View Controller plugin and send it all over to Framer where I then would make things more c… See more
Dan Kaplan
@dankaplan · I help startups tell their stories.
@clarkvalberg: Impressed by balance of velocity and thoughtfulness you and your team demonstrate with each new product. InVision is bit like Motown between '59-72. Founders: InVision's product strategy is a masterclass case study in what happens when you understand your market better than everyone else and can move on those insights with speed and precision… See more
Hari Mahesh
@harimahesh · Co-Founder @ ZAVR + J&J
I've been using Craft since early Beta versions, and my favorite feature is auto-generation of names and easily pulling in images from the web. Along with other features as well, Craft serves to empower designers to continue the design process without anything holding us back and making our lives easier. Great tool @clarkvalberg and the entire team!