Craft Freehand, from InVision

A fast, flexible new way to collaborate, in real time

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2017
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We’re thrilled to share our latest offering from Craft. Meet Freehand, your team’s new space for live design collaboration. Anyone can join in, from any device, and collaborate in real time. Launch Freehand using your Sketch or Photoshop design as a foundation, then click, draw, select, zoom, scale, and lots more—together. It’s free and available now for Sketch and Photoshop. We can’t wait to hear what you think!
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@clarkvalberg is it available now? On Craft Beta and not seeing an update. I'm thrilled to start using this feature!
@m_rlons Yes, it's available now! We pushed out an update through Craft Manager earlier today. Can't wait to hear your feedback!
@clarkvalberg will this be taking the place of Live Share?
@clarkvalberg This looks awesome! Is Prototype still coming soon too?
Do you guys ever sleep? That's all I wanna know.
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@hilzfuld Thanks for the love brotha!
Great to see how this team takes the mission of "collaborative design" and continues to find new ways to bring it into different stages of the process. Makes us all better at what we do.
@markcwebster Many thanks!
Why do you make downloading the plugins so difficult? You can only get them via email, and your servers must be down since I'm unable to receive that email even as I request it over and over again. You really should host the plugins somewhere download accessible because right now I have no way of trying out your product (which looks AWESOME by the way!) and am just going to walk away. Another piece of feedback: I don't find the Craft landing page at all effective. What does it mean by screen design supercharged? I am so confused as to what Craft is. Nowhere does it specify that it is a Sketch plugin (that is what I care about), but there is just so much content, colors, boxes, buttons, things moving. Call to action for the video, which does a good job explaining what Craft is (but is not nearly as effective as the video for Freehand on this page... that one sold me in seconds) is deemphasized. There are lots of videos going on here and it's confusing as to which I'm watching. The CTAs change: "Explore Craft" -> "Download the Plugins" -- only the latter of which is actually important, and a bit disingenuous given my comment above.
This is exactly what I've been waiting on!