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Brandon KellyOwner, Pixel & Tonic
Thanks for posting this Andy! Good questions, Derek and Tim. The web has grown up. People expect more and more out of their websites. Even “simple” content-only sites aren’t so simple anymore. It’s not just about entries having custom fields; it’s about custom fields everywhere – on assets, users, categories, tags, even custom fields within custom fields (a la Matrix). We’ve been at the forefront of the custom field craze at P&T – our FieldFrame for ExpressionEngine ignited it (don’t try to tell me that WP's ACF was not heavily inspired by FieldFrame :) and we have seen legitimate use cases for custom fields/custom content types in all sorts of scenarios that no CMS has had an elegant, developer- and author-friendly solution for. We feel that the modern web needs a modern CMS. Craft was conceived to be that CMS. It has custom fields, relationships, and many other modern concepts built right into the core, where every type of element can share (entries, users, globals, assets, tags, categories, and even Matrix blocks). Knowing that many sites aren't just content-only sites these days, Craft was built on a modern PHP framework (there really is such a thing now if you haven't been paying attention), plus an extremely powerful templating system called Twig, and its architecture is fully extended to plugins. So each plugin can be as simple or complex as it needs to be -- all the way to a full-blown application within Craft. (If you're interested in this, don't miss Ben Crocker's session at the upcoming Craft CMS Summit -- That about sums it up. Happy to answer any additional questions though! Brandon
Andy Keil
Product at Rodio
Craft is relatively popular in the web design community and is pushed by the Happy Cog team. We built on it and it was pretty straight forward. Much simpler than a customized WP install.
Craft is my go to CMS these days. So well thought out and simple.
Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ Exer
Been curious about this - what are the major differences from WP?
Tim JahnHost of We're Only Human podcast
Curious as well, what's the advantage of this over traditional WP installs?