CozyCal Scheduling

The easiest way to book clients on your website 😊

CozyCal is a friendly scheduling web-app that easily integrates with websites.

With Google calendar integration, email reminders, intake forms and Stripe integration all combined in a simple UI, you can let CozyCal handle scheduling for your business so you can focus on what's most important.

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Hey Product Hunt, Kat and Chris from CozyCal here. We're bootstrapping CozyCal as a wife and husband team. We started CozyCal with the vision of creating the most friendly scheduling web app that helps small business owners and freelancers to grow. 😊 As a two-person team, we understand that small teams need to be nimble and efficient. That's why we have built a simple scheduling tool that smoothly integrates with your business's operation. With CozyCal, you can easily book new appointments, track guest booking information, and receive payments all on a friendly interface. Here's the highlight of some of CozyCal's best features so far. - Friendly, intuitive interface - Easy website integration - Colorful booking pages - Stripe payment support - Sharable booking page /service URL - Automatic timezone handling - Customizable email notifications - Flexible intake forms - Guest booking history And much more to come! πŸ–– We would love to hear your comments and are happy to answer any questions here. Many thanks!
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I encourage all my friends (especially ones who miss meetings) to use CozyCal. Life would be a lot easier.


Easy to set up, great customer service


Works best with gmail

Thanks for all the great feedback Sam!
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@arecenello Thanks Anthony!
Cool interface! For reference as you build – I have used all of these – including the ones integrated with the popular CRMs and the best I have found is You should use it as a litmus test as you build out your product. Just some helpful advice from a power user :)
@joeolsen Thanks for the suggestion! We're definitely aware we're in a competitive space with many strong options. We'll keep an eye on it. I'm curious, what features do you find most valuable as a power user?
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