Choose simplicity, get Cozy

We all have a life and a digital life. Cozy gathers them. In your Cozy, you have all your personal data: pictures, health, bank, holidays, accessible only by you. Welcome in your new digital home.

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How do you compare to OwnCloud / NextCloud?
@chrischinch OwnCloud / NextCloud are focused on file management much like Dropbox, where Cozy is a platform with many apps to use all your data more like Android or iOS
@pierrevdk OK, not sure I have a use case then :)
This is something to watch out for! From their press page ( ) : "Cozy is a self-hosted, extensible, open source, private cloud platform. Simplicity, user-friendliness, and flexibility are the cornerstones of Cozy's design and philosophy. As such, Cozy makes the personal server as simple as a smartphone. While Cozy offers native apps for managing common tasks like sharing files, synchronizing photos, managing calendars, and working with emails, the platform is built to aggregate, manage, and analyze personal data coming from multiple sources and services. This functionality has the potential to transform Cozy from a personal cloud server to a powerful platform for storing and working with personal data."
@ambonium Thanks a lot! We are trying to bring the simplicity of the smartphone to the personal server, to ungoogle our lives. I'm doing marketing at Cozy Cloud, I'm here to answer all your questions 😄
@pierrevdk don't mention 😄 love the product, keep up the awesome stuff! Cheers 🙌🏼
Looking good. Just signed up for a beta access. What about privacy though? Are there plans to encrypt data? PGP support in mail and such?
@pawelorzech Thanks! Privacy is really important for us, this is why our platform is open source and allow you to self host your personal Cloud. Data encryption and PGP support are on our plans. And we are always looking for contributors to develop new features ;)
@pierrevdk Thanks, good luck!
@pierrevdk what about encryption of the stored data?
@dandorato First I'm very very sorry for the late answer! We encrypt all sensitive data inside the Cozy (like passwords) and obviously communications are encrypted (you can only connect on your Cozy with https://). We do not fully encrypt the stored data because it has many drawbacks for the user (like loosing all your data is you loose you password). But if you host Cozy on a server at home like a Raspberry Pi, you can encrypt your hard drive at your convenience ;)