Coworking.Coffee is an online platform with the best workplaces with coffee and wifi, curated by a community, all around the world

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Hi Hunters! I spent the last few years building this by myself, and growing it little by little with few awesome contributors… Time to show it to the world :D indexes the best coworking spaces and cities where you can cowork around the world. I started in Tokyo with less than 50 coworking spaces and coffee shops and now have 1100+ workplaces and 70+ countries, all submitted by the community!
@fabienvauthey I've been seeing more and more of these apps popping up as popularity with remote working and being location independent cultures grows. This is probably hard to do at scale but more info on things like pricing and amenities would be awesome!
@davidsfeng I have some experiments in the pipeline to gather, update and maintain this data, but as you say, it's hard to scale. That will be V2 I hope!
Great idea! Would love to see a bot for this
@valscholz Yes! Let's talk about this!
Cool. I agree that the UI can use some improvement. I added our co-working spaces! Good luck with your project! :)
@fabienvauthey By the way, what is the win for me to verify our coworkingspace?
@fouwehand I've just seen that you are from The Co. Singapore! I was visiting your coworking space and chatting with your ex-colleague Zo-Ee in KL just one year ago! And I even have an article ready to publish about the philosophy of coworking there (doing the last check with Sharmila). Just upload at least 5 good pictures and get another review written and you will be set!
@fabienvauthey Haha amazing! Great, will check it out. Looking forward for your article! :)
Now THIS is my jam. But not seeing Proto in NYC? Here
@elizabethhunker Thanks! I'll add it in few hours if you haven't done it already :)