Visualize the growth of COVID-19 on our map (US based)

#3 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2020
See a map of all the confirmed and user submitted reports of COVID-19. See hyper localized growth, 1 week predictions for cases, country comparisons, and more.
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Hey everyone! We wanted to teach people the seriousness of corona virus. From talking to friends, family, and strangers on the internet, we realized that there were still a lot of misconceptions around COVID-19. Few people understood the seriousness of it, comparing it to the flu. We created a visualizations that include one week predictions to help people understand how quickly the numbers can grow. You can filter by your location and see data all the way down to individual counties in the US. TLDR: Please practice social distancing. Corona has a higher death rate, is more contagious, and has a higher hospitalization rate than the flu. And we don’t have enough hospital beds to support everyone. Lives are at stake.
Hi @lucy_guo Nice Project. I am from India. I was trying to use the covy app and wanted to see the prediction for India using the 7-day coronavirus forecast but I am unable to do it. I guess it has some issue or may be I am misunderstanding something. Can you help with it?
@neetusingh1791 Working on it. Give us an hour :)
@lucy_guo @neetusingh1791 I'm working on international support for the charts/stats right now, should be done in about an hour
@lucy_guo Love your site. Was just about to build something similar. Where are you getting your data from? I’m a web scraping specialist, was about to build something to scrape down to a County level. Would that be helpful to you? Kind regards, Toby
?makers is this data available for consumption anywhere? are you validating against the cdc or jhu datasets at all?
@nathan_gonzalez We are using JHU internationally, but domestically in the US, reportings come from local news near the region. For example, here's one from Vermont:
@nathan_gonzalez We are using the John Hopkins data set!
@lucy_guo scraping the US data from the web is great, any plans on exposing that data outside of your app? I could see lots of tools benefiting from the specificity you all have within the US.
@lucy_guo @nathan_gonzalez I second that. Are you planning on releasing that data in a dev friendly way?
Useful and important app. I think the interface is cleaner than other covid apps that have come out recently
@tieshunr Thanks Tieshun!
Thank you for this @lucy_guo & @jarredsumner. I think that a visual approach will help people to be aware of the situation, more understandable than just a list of cases. I will share it with my family and friends.
Nice initiative.
@george_ward2 Thanks! Open to any suggestions :)