Helping researchers track COVID-19 progression and determine people’s ability to cope with it through heart rate variability. Infected people are invited to share their heart rate variability measurements and data from wearables.
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👋 Hey, hunters! 🔬 To help fight the outbreak, the Welltory team has launched an open research project aimed at identifying diagnostic patterns of coronavirus-inflicted disease detection, progression, and recovery. People with the virus are invited to participate in this study by tracking their symptoms, heart rate variability, and data from wearables such as Apple Watch, Garmin, or Fitbit with the Welltory app. We will release this data to researchers who can study data patterns that may predict viral symptoms and ultimately publish their findings. 📚 Heart rate variability is one of the most well-researched biomarkers, with over 25,000 publications on PubMed. A lot of research confirms the connection between HRV and stress, fitness, chronic illnesses, and so on. 🏠 Research data is collected remotely and data can be shared by anyone. No hospital visits and no extra gadgets needed, as anyone can measure their HRV at home with their smartphone. 📳 Camera measurements accuracy matches chest straps, but our app also supports chest straps. 🔐 Study participants' data is anonymized and does not contain names, emails, or any other identifiable information. Hypotheses worth testing 🔸 COVID-19 patterns 🔸 Early diagnostics 🔸 Psychosomatic detection 🔸 Response to treatment 🔸 Signs of recovery 🔸 Identifying critical conditions 📊 Welltory has built a leading technology to measure HRV that powers an app with 1.5 million users globally and the study is expected to quickly surpass 1000 participants. 📌 GitHub 📌 COVID-19 participant application form 📌 Application form for researchers 📌 List of supported data types Pavel, Welltory co-founder
Amazing stuff. The team is super strong.
Fantastic project, I wish you good luck. I shared it everywhere.
cool idea, i hope you make something big
Very useful and user-friendly app.