Being locked down in your house is an absolute must right now but can get very boring. Looking for some fun relief? Trump is here to help you with all his awesome, beautiful, best quotes.
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ The Covid-19 crisis has suddenly pushed all of us to WFH and staying back home. While this is absolutely essential, I know it can be pretty frustrating after a point. So just to add a little dose of fun to your quarantine routine, I built this tiny chatbot with Trump quotes. Would love if you play around and let me know what you think :) P.S: Planning to add more characters in the coming days. If you have a request, please share it here.
@hrishikesh1990 : Always love the kind of products your team comes up with. Keep up the good work! P.S: Thanks for the laughs πŸ˜‰
@haripriya_loganathan Thank you so much for the kind words :)
Pretty cool! Really like the chat interface.
@aravind_selvan1 Glad you liked it :)
Great work! Love the simplicity and of course the Trumpiness!
I would love to see Chuck Norris as a character. Great work btw.