Covid-19 Design Pack by Artify

Free set of COVID-19 design materials u can edit on the fly

A free pack of Covid-19 related templates and designs that you can customize right on your browser and download as SVG vectors as well as a full set of Covid19 vector icons. Feel free to share with anybody who may need them :) these are completely free!
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Thank you @chrismessina for trusting us and supporting this project through product hunt! Hi everyone, for the past several months we've been working on releasing a new project, our Artify editor, which is currently in the late Beta stages of development, and while around the world we are all going through some tough times, we wanted to make a small contribution to the community, so by collaborating with some colleagues and friends we're releasing this pack today which includes more than 100 Covid-19 related designs and templates, ready to edit and available for download in PNG and SVG file format and most importantly completely for free. Every design is fully editable right on the spot - with 1 click you can load them into the Artify web editor and make the changes you'd like. Additionally, in partnership with our friends at Iconshock we've created a pack of 80 vector icons that are available for download as a free product as well. Attribution is not necessary but highly appreciated, and if you'd like to thank us personally or reach out with your thoughts, our twitter handle is artifycrew, and we are using the hashtag #covid19design Also, if you'd like your customized designs to be featured on the designs gallery make sure you save your templates with the tag "covid19" at the Artify editor so they’ll be available to everyone TL;DR: 💡 Get 100 free Covid-19 related templates ✏️ Edit right in your browser with our neat online editor. 📥 Download as SVG vector files. 🙂 Completely free for anything you want to use them for! 💌 80 additional vector icons from Iconshock available as well. 😅 Attribution is not required but appreciated! 👏 Get your customized designs featured on the gallery by using the "covid19" tag 🙏 We simply ask that you don't sell these products, rather share them with anybody who may need them. I know we are going through some tough times, and from a commercial standpoint it may not seem like a great idea to be releasing free products that take so much time and effort to make, however for us this is our way of contributing something for everybody through what we know and love to do - design.
@juanpablosarmi Congrats Juan, a very nice designs as usual! Thanks for making this! 😄
@ryzalyusoff Ryzal, thanks ! I hope you can use them in your next projects ! readermode covid campaigns ;)
Awesome designs and easy to edit in Artify, great job @juanpablosarmi
@rudolphk Thanks Rudolph ! feel free to use them and share with the ones you know that can make use of it :)
Great job. Congratulations
@cihan_geyik Thanks Cihan, I appreciate it, hope they can be useful. Feel free to share !
Its a really great set of design templates you have
@iamvarunnair Thanks Varun , did you check you can actually .. edit on the fly ! hehehe hope you can use them in your projects :)
@juanpablosarmi Well i am on it. Will give you opinions for improvement if i find any ;)
@iamvarunnair absolutely ! Please do
Amazing job, there are a lot of designs, and completely editable. Besides, what a powerful editor! Keep it up
@djhrcode Thanks daniel, that's what you can achieve with great partners :)