Collectibles marketplace with appraisal tools

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Hi Everyone, Super excited to announce the launch of Covetly! We have a small team of passionate collectors that have built Covetly based on our personal experiences and on the feedback from the community. Covetly is a collectibles marketplace built on top of an inventory management and appraisal tool. We’ve got all your favorites from Star Wars Kenner, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Funko, Amiibo, Tokidoki, Skylanders, Mighty Jaxx and more! Here are a few features: - Organize & Appraise: Keep track of everything you own. Our appraisal tool gives you price ranges based on real transactions. - Price Alerts: Add items to your want list and receive notifications when they become available for purchase. You can even set alerts by price. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback! Reid
Looking forward to Android, as an avid collector, I'd be very interested in cataloging my collection. Having a current value is also interesting. Will you api to eBay to create alerts or price averages, or is it all based on, in app transactions? How are you planning on building a community for this app as a marketplace is only as good as the number of buyers/sellers.
@benjamin_powell Everyday the pricing data is becoming more and more based on in app transactions. As for the community, take a look at the app and you can see examples of the great people that are a part of Covetly. The buyers and sellers are spreading via word of mouth!
@benjamin_powell Would love to hear you feedback Benjamin. Take Covetly for a spin!
Very cool. Im starting to see more and more startups build marketplaces around individual eBay niches. How does Covetly differ from Clect?
@mattmayberry Hi Matt, Covetly was designed initially for mobile. Take a look at Covetly and we'd love to hear your thoughts.
This is great!