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#3 Product of the DayAugust 02, 2019
We've just created a bot for CoverLetterEmails that we hope will help anyone in their job search. The bot walks you through some common questions about the company, the job and yourself and then generates a random cover letter for you.
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My 2 cents: I clicked to your landing page and looked over the whole thing and by the end I still didn't get what your service was besides something to do with making nice cover letters. On the first paragraph on the page, you should explain in super simple terms what your solution is in 1-2 sentences.
@parag_r That's excellent feedback & thank you very much! I've struggled a bit with how to make that clearer, so I think I'll need to do a bit more work on that front, for sure. Again, appreciated the feedback!
Hi there - We've just released a new feature on CoverLetterEmails, a bot that will generate a sample cover letter for you. We created this as a helpful way to get started when writing a cover letter. The bot we developed asks a series of questions and then generates a sample cover letter for you. It is not meant to be the 'actual' cover letter you send, it is meant to serve as a template or guide that you can then customize and edit to fit your specific opportunity. Since launching on Product Hunt about a year ago, our site has continued to move along and this is the first major feature upgrade we've released. The bot chooses from a series of cover letters that we've customized from actual job searches and tries to randomize the generated output and we add new templates every day. Enjoy!
Great work! Congrats
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