Pull your data from various apps straight to Google Sheets! synchronizes your data between Airtable, Xero, HubSpot, Jira, and other apps and Google Sheets on a set schedule with no coding required. Try for free now!
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Hello Product Hunters! My name is Alex. I am a Product Manager / Developer of at Railsware! We created to help entrepreneurs and small business representatives synchronize their data between various apps and Google Sheets on a set schedule. Everything started off with Airtable Importer, which we developed to pull data from Airtable to Google Sheets to customize our reporting. Later, both Airtable Importer’s users and our internal needs pushed us to create an enhanced version of it, called Besides Airtable, currently supports Google Sheets integration with the following data sources: Xero, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Jira, Google Sheets, and more will be added soon. All in all, - Gives a live feed of raw data in a simple format, allowing you to easily access, share and analyze it. - Supports automatic data refreshes (the available data refresh frequencies are every hour, 3, 6 hours, etc.). - Offers "replace" and "append" import modes. At this point, the product is free of charge. Once we release billing, we’ll be offering 50% off for all paid plans for one year. is a young product and this is our first public release. We stand at the very beginning of a great journey and we invite you to come along! We would be happy to answer your questions, as well as listen to your thoughts and any feedback that you may have!
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@olexander_paladiy Congratulations on the launch! Your product might be partly addressing this need gap posted on my platform: 'On-demand data science without coding' - You're welcome to join the discussion to explain how your product solves their problem, for your customers to find your product easily.
@needgap Thank you. There are different sides related to web scraping, it has it’s pros and cons. we had to scrap data from different resources, but we did it as last possible solution for the cases when there is no other way: if services does not provide any api to access the data. The main problem we faced: web scraping brings short term benefits, but it requires a lot of support afterwards. That is why we started working on the product that helps people without technical experience bright the data to Google Sheets.
We are eating our own dog food and using this product a lot and were able to create a ton of data driven GSheets, DataStudio or BigQuery. - Either for fully calculating some processes - like monthly time review , generate slack mentions with reminders to who should clean their time up. - Through financial processes like payroll or refunds. - Or just calculating Atlassian Marketplace Addon MRR - as there’s no other way. You name it we do it ! Coupler does have a capability of replacing a ton of manual work. The job is done really well, exactly like you want it, no sleep or burn out Only within our own Coupler account we are moving over 550 million lines of data monthly. That’s A LOT of manual CSV imports someone to do on recurrent basis. Except for regular way one would operate DataStudio and BigQuery (through GSheets) - we use some advanced array formula GSheet approaches too, did a lot of coverage on that on our youtube channel
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A couple of useful links: - Install our add-on from the GSuite Marketplace: - Review our Knowledge Base: - Request a new Google Sheets integration to be built: - Contact our support team at coupler[at] Please install it and share your feedback!
This is really great app🚀I was waiting for it for a while! Thank you guys for making it happen!
@andriy_zapisotskyi thank you for your feedback!
Coupler has been an amazing tool to help keep our Airtable and Google Sheets data in sync. This has proved essential while running our recurring company reports.
@rbeyeler great! I am happy you find it useful!