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Couple is actually incredibly powerful for long-distance relationships, which is how my GF and I started. Now it's our primary mobile communication tool and we recommend it to every couple we know.
My girlfriend and I use Couple all the time. The recent additions of Live Beacon and Venues (with Foursquare) are really helpful. We've already used it for meeting at a restaurant. They also released a web app version, as well.
I am a daily user. My fiance and I have completely replaced text messaging with Couple. The stickers + photo sharing make it a real delight.
Just got this with my girlfriend. Officially replaced iMessage for us it's so cool!! Thanks for the find @lylemckeany As corny as it is it's awesome.
@kam_bain I thought it was kind of corny at first too. But now I love the lists, moments, and reminders for important dates. It's definitely much more than just a messaging app.