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At Countr, we think shopping should be real, personal, and fun.

Discover recommendations and shop posts from your friends (aka your tribe).

Create your own posts and make them shoppable, all within the app.

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Hey Product Hunt! Excited to be nominated here. Countr is a social shopping app where users can shop any store with friends, showcase their product finds, and earn money, all in one place. We call it shopping with your tribe. The problem we’re solving, is that there is no aggregator that unifies the large part of retail that is not on Amazon (Amazon is still only ~5% of retail sales in the US today). We’ve built a system that takes every store (we currently have 7mn products and rapidly growing from thousands of brands) and use machine learning to personalize every store to each individual user. We’ve put all of that into one easy app where users can discover from brands and friends and checkout in one easy place with our universal shopping cart. Finding the great stuff online is also still really hard (think 10 tabs opened when you’re searching). That’s why we’ve made shopping social which is a natural behavior offline, so that users can lean on their friends and get inspiration from people they trust to discover the perfect products for them. On Countr, anyone can post their pictures of their outfits, beauty recs etc to make a shoppable post. We soft-launched in Dec ’18 and our community is already sharing 1000s of inspiration looks and products every day! This week we are also rolling out boosted comments a new way for everyday creators to get paid to answer questions from the community. We’re building a new P2P economy all around shopping. It’s has gotten great feedback. Let us know what you think!

I love Countr, social shopping is the future


The idea of social shopping, the design is awesome


It's perfect

Love the design and idea behind this, social shopping is a great way to get inspiration
@aaronoleary thanks Aaron for the shout out!
@aaronoleary Thanks for the shout out!
Love the design. My biggest challenge shopping is finding clothes that fit. Most shirts/coats are far too short or too wide. I have to get them tailored, but that's costly and time-consuming. Would love to find a solution for this, ideally something online so I never need to walk into another store. 😆
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, Thanks for the note! On Countr, we personalize every store to each shopper using machine learning. When you go to a store on Countr (say for example, Mr Porter) everything relevant is surfaced to you (that includes products only in your size!). The more you interact, liking + disliking products and brands the better the recommendations become. We haven’t solved the “custom” tailored fit just yet though but we do think you won’t have to walk into a store anymore 😊

Product tips from a community of real people. Authentic posts and everything personalized to me. Loving it.


This is the way shopping should be.


More shoppable posts!