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#4 Product of the DayApril 12, 2015
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A social app that lets you call people anonymously to seek unbiased advice and opinions. It could be anything from relationship advice, career advice to opinions on technology.
@kwdinc Thank you for hunting us. Glad you found it interesting.
@kwdinc congrats on the new app Kevin!
@anamitra Hey, Hope you are doing well. Counsel is not our new app. Just hunted it here. We are working on something new in the same space (anonymous messaging) though !
@kwdinc you're talking!
@anamitra Will email you soon :-) . Im sure you will love it!
This is cool. Any plans on an iOS version?
@alexfislegend Hi Alex. Thanks a lot. We definitely plan to be on iOS but will be focusing on Android in the near future as we cannot at this time spread our resources thin :)
@abhinay10 Awesome, thanks for the reply. I look forward to this on iOS. It's a pretty great idea and could potentially greatly help people in their time(s) of need.
@alexfislegend Thanks again Alex. Pleasure to interact with you. Will get in touch as soon as we launch for iOS. We love it that you understand our vision of the app being helpful to people.
Hi Everyone, I am one of the makers of Counsel and I would love to answer any question you have. Looking forward to your thoughts and queries :)
Interesting product, is there a way to only allow just voice answers? Because I wouldn't really want 'anybody' to call me.
How is this different from Jelly, besides the anonymous factor? It seems like Jelly tried to accomplish a similar effect but it had some issues taking off. Any thoughts?
@samhouston Hi Sam, Apologies for the delayed reply. For starters, Counsel is on voice. You can connect on a call instantly. We have a bigger vision as far as advisers and advice seekers are concerned but we will only get there incrementally and decided to release a much simpler version of the app first.
@abhinay10 That's cool! Didn't realize it was over voice. Thanks for the answer.
@samhouston Glad to answer your question. Thank you for your appreciation.