A simple, beautiful podcast player for iOS 🎙

Cosmicast is a beautiful podcast player built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It’s as useful as it is gorgeous. With a customisable grid layout and three sets of themes to choose from, it’s most definitely a podcast player for you.

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The design looks great - is there any social element to it e.g. see what your phone contacts are listening to? Or a recommendations element? @jpeguin
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I've been used Cosmicast beta for a few weeks. It has quickly become not only my main app for podcasts but one of favorites apps on my iPhone at all. Great job!


Gorgeous design, fast and fluent workflow, nice interactions


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I’ve been on the beta for several weeks and as a teenager, podcasts aren’t a format we use to capture our media frenzy! However, with Cosmicast, I’ve found myself listening to more and more podcasts just because the app is so seamless and has a pleasant UI/UX


Minimal Design and Easy to Use



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Really like the design. For the podcasts you're already subscribed to, is there an easy way to tell if new episodes of episodes are out?
I’m impressed with how aesthetically pleasing the design is. I just purchased this and am currently in awe with how clean looks and the fluidity. Definitely room for improvement but great start 🔥👍🏼