Corvid is an open development platform that lets you build advanced web applications using a visual builder, integrated database, built-in IDE, 100s of APIs connection and much more.
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I've used it for a long while, if you use for over a week you will stumble into really annoying bugs, which I was able to solve by very ugly hacks or not at all.


Kind of easy to get build web apps quick


Very very buggy, cannot be trusted for production level web applications.

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We use it for production level, with our clients, no bugs if you know what you are doing. Also, consider that this framework started as Wix Code BETA and the BETA version had bugs, not anymore the complete version is out now and is working great is not anymore called Wix Code BETA but Corvid!
Wow! Toooo good to be real !
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I'm curious as to the cost.
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@jimcanto Yes, it looks good, but when they make it that hard to find the price it is a bad sign.
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@tommalcolmson Agreed. I'm always suspicious of that practice.
@tommalcolmson @jimcanto It's free. Wix pricing is based on a freemium model. It seems that the Corvid pricing isn't different.
@jimcanto @noamca Not sure if you are purposely being ironic. Most stuff is freemium these days but the devil is in the details and the details are hidden behind statements like that.
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@noamca @tommalcolmson ... thank you, Tom. I'm still with you in this pursuit. Maybe @shay_weiner will shed some light on this topic during business hours.
This is looks pretty interesting! I need to check it out
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Looks like a great competitor to 👍