Corporate Constitution

A pocket Constitution written entirely in brand logos 📃

We think it’s important that the country’s founding document be written in the language of the land: capitalism.

Buy One, Give One.

When you purchase a copy of this book we send one to you and to your elected representative in the House.

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Lukas Bentel
Partner, Hello Velocity
Hey Product Hunt! We are super excited to launch the Corporate Constitution which is a pocket constitution we typeset using our font Brand New Roman ( To start we are doing a buy one, give one deal where we send a copy to you and your elected representative in the House. We know most elected representatives don’t get the opportunity to read this important book, so we are donating copies - and we’ve made sure to put it in the language they understand best. If you have any questions feel free to ask! A little more about the makers: We are Hello Velocity ( an arts+tech group that makes odd things on the web! if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them either here or by email ( Lukas
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Matt Henderson 🚀
Building 24 products this year 🚀

Got my book a few days ago and it was really high quality. It's a nice gag gift, a piece of art with a meaningful commentary on today's political environment.


Got me to skim the constitution for the first time outside of school



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