Corona Coach

Your digital coach to deal with Coronavirus anxiety

A chatbot that helps you cope with what's been on everyone's minds lately: the coronavirus infection known as COVID-19
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hi peeps of PH, we're the makers of Pocketcoach (@usepocketcoach) and we've decided we want to do our part to help with the current crisis. We focused on what we do best, which is creating a chatbot experience that helps people with the psychological challenges that this pandemic brings about. Anxiety, cabin fever, worries about an uncertain future. It's these things that Corona Coach wants to help with. If you have some feedback or ideas on what we should add or do differently, we'd love to hear your thoughts!
Amazing!! Doing gods work in this trying times
@mohammed_attarwala Thank you, we appreciate it :)
Hey ?makers, This looks great! BTW you'll need to post at least 2 images at once, for them to save to the gallery :)
@calum thanks so much for the info!
@calum thanks Calum!
Thanks for this lovely product, nice work :)
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