Cornerstone 4 by Assembla

The ultimate Subversion client for Mac

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The ultimate Subversion client for Mac just got better with Shelving, Checkpointing, and blazing fast performance. Cornerstone is the the fastest SVN Client. Period.

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chrismccoy@chrismccoy · Indie Developer
very upset over this release, it was removed from the appstore which i had purchases, it still shows up in my purchases, but when installed it installs v4, not the last version which is v3, it only forces me to pay via an inapp for v4, when v4 doesnt even exist on the appstore? thats kinda silly. now i am forced to upgrade even though I want to use v3, i Paid for v2, then v3, now I have to pay for v4, i want to stick with v3, it should be left on the appstore as v3 in purchases, not forcing to use a version that isnt even supported on the appstore