Track what's going on inside your body using your blood 🏡

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Does the data stay local or inside Health Kit or does it go somewhere else? Considering the NSA takes all 23andMe information on foreigners and even some domestics to USA, this is a real risk. I do not wish for anyone but myself, and people/organisations I explicitly allow, any access to my health data — which is the value of Health Kit over the similar offerings by independent companies and bigger companies like Google and Microsoft. I'd expect the data either be stored locally or inside Health Kit, and no where else. With analytics happening locally on my device - and and opt-in for sending anonymous data to Cor's servers for their own analytic purposes (with strict details of what is being sent and proof it can not be traced back to me). On the Privacy Policy I couldn't find any information on what happens to the health data, only user profile data.
@balupton Some of this is not built out yet, but privacy and HIPAA compliance are very important to us. We will be compliant with all related best practices.
This seems fantastic. I get a regular blood test every 6 months, as quantifying the benefits of my diet and exercise is important to me. However, it is always a pain having to type the printouts up into a spreadsheet, and the inconvenience of arranging 2-3 appointments for this checkup. This product seems to have real promise here, which is great! So quite excited!
@balupton We think we can provide a new channel for Personalized Medicine. It's all about information!
Any plans to track B-12? If so, which method would you use? This seems like a common marker that a growing percentage of the population depends on vigilance of quantifications to ensure is in good levels.
@balupton Our technology can already track the impact of adding a supplement like B12 to your diet. We track the major blood indicators of wellness, including the various cholesterol components, triglycerides, and fasting glucose. When you make a change to your diet, say by adding B12, we look for improvements in the major indicators. In this manner you can see if B12 worked for you. BY tracking this across our community, using our Learning Wellness System, we will quickly develop one of the best data troves of what works and what does not. Thanks for your interest! We are super-excited to bring this technology to bear on important health issues.
@bobme I'd love to hear a bit more about this. I had similar questions about D3 levels, which are a big concern for folks in Seattle and other high latitude locales. Would the major indicators you're tracking be sufficient to notice if my D3 levels are slipping (or if I'm over supplementing)? Similar concern for me over folate levels, since I have one of the MTHFR mutations, and have to resort a bit to guessing the right level of supplementation.
In just minutes at home, you can regularly get vital insights that help you improve your overall health and wellness through key indicators like Cholesterol (HDL, LDL, Total), Fasting Blood Glucose, Inflammation (Fibrinogen), and Triglycerides—all measured from a single tiny sample of blood.
@kwdinc Thanks Kevin! I will plan to hang out here a bit and try to field some questions. -- Bob
Finally a tracker that can actually tell you about your health.