Copyfeed for Mac

Sync your clipboard from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac

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Hey everyone! Thank you to all the loyal Copyfeed users who waited so patiently for Copyfeed for Mac to release, it's finally here! And to all the new users, welcome—I really think you're going to love what I have going here! Copyfeed 1.2 on iOS also got updated just yesterday for iOS 9 and has some cool new features (and languages)! Be sure to check it out as well, the iCloud syncing is pretty cool. Anyways, let me know if you have any questions/comments/rants/soliloquies and I'll be happy to answer! Thank you so much again everyone for helping make this a reality!
I've been using Pasteasy, do you need to have Bluetooth​ on for this?
@esbvn Hi, Esteban! Nope, no bluetooth is required for Copyfeed to sync, just a solid internet connection. Everything is synced through iCloud so all your clips are kept secure.
Update: My bad. I didn't have iCloud Drive enabled on my new MacBook Pro. If you have a lot of iDevices, like me, you're gonna have to manually enable iCloud Drive on every device while making sure that Copyfeed is also checked under that setting. As a power user, I don't rely on iCloud much for anything, instead opting for Dropbox, GDrive, et al...that's why I didn't even bother checking it on my new MacBook. Most importantly, it works GREAT! Definitely worth buying! +++ I just bought both the Mac OS and iOS versions. Neither app is syncing what's on the other version's Copyfeed clipboard. I thought that was the entire point of the service. Feelin' a little gypped here 😫
@spencerchen Spencer, thank you for trying out Copyfeed. I sincerely apologize you are having trouble with iCloud syncing. Please email/DM me directly and I will do my best to help you.
I paid for the Mac app and it's ok. Right now a lot of people use Flycut (free) which is pretty superior on the Mac, if your Mac app adds a bezel and ability to easily cycle through the clipboard entries it would be a more compelling combination and I'd probably be willing to pay more for it. Good start though.
@arlogilbert Hi Arlo, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately due to Apple's restrictions for sandboxing, there is no way to allow the application to insert text into another app, which makes a bezel somewhat pointless. We'll continue researching the best ways to accomplish something close to this feature, and hopefully make the entire process faster than it is now.
Hi! Why it is not available in Russia?