Copy All URLs

Copy and open multiple URLS at once

If you want to copy all URLs of your opened tabs in chrome or you want to open multiple URLs in chrome then this is the best tool to that will help you, whenever required.

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Simply click the umbrella icon, and choose Copy or Paste ! You can also define keyboard shorcut for copy and paste feature on chrome extensions page (chrome://extensions/). All features: Copies all opened chrome tabs to clipboard - save anywhere you want. Paste multiple URLs in a go. Choose format from Text - HTML | JSON | Custom Intelligent paste - Extract URLs from raw text when using paste feature (instead of processing pasted text line by line, with 1 line = 1 url). Copy highlighted tabs only - Copy only selected tabs (you can select multiple tabs by holding the Ctrl key when clicking a tab). Copy tabs from all windows - Grab tabs URL from all chrome windows, not only the current one. You can choose your default action whether to copy or paste. You can choose MIME type text or HTML.


Copies all opened chrome tabs Open multiple URLs to tabs Choose format Intelligent paste


It doesn't get "special urls" like file:/// or chrome://... Doesn't opens URLs without http protocol

Pretty handy if you're like me and you have a million open at once
I am such a tab hoarder. I can see this being useful to group different work flows together and open at once help to increase productivity. I need to get better at being focussed on which tabs to have open at any one time.
@emilyjsnowdon Have you tried Workona ( It does exactly what you mentioned.

I've been using Copy All URLs for a long time now. It's not an extension you need often, but when you do it can save you so much time and frustration. This amazing tool helps me: - Save a bunch of links easily - Open many tabs at once from a list of links It does exactly what it says in the tin.


It's just as simple as copy/past and you can open a bunch of tabs in seconds


Cons? Where this is going, there are no cons!