Copia for Mac

Smart and elegant clipboard manager for Mac

#3 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2017

Copia is a smart clipboard manager for Mac

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Hey everyone! ☺️ We are very happy to announce that Copia is now available on the Mac App Store! Thanks to all of you, the Public Beta has been a great experience and Copia is now ready to leave its mark in the Mac App Store universe! ❤️ --- Hello everyone! 😺 I’m Jacopo, one of the two people behind Dollaropath, and I’m excited to show you what we have been working on lately! 🚀 Copia is a smart, elegant and versatile clipboard manager for Mac. Copia remembers your ⌘-C and lets you easily retrieve them later on. Copia recognizes and displays plain text, RTF, RTFD, images, colors, files and links. Copia is in public beta, on its road to the Mac App Store, you can enroll in the beta right now. If you happen to try it, please keep in mind that we ❤️ feedback.
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@jacopolupi Shows promise... :)
@exlemor Thank you 😊
@jacopolupi would love to see a shortcut for immediately pasting the second and third to last copied items. So Command-V for current and then customizable for the other two+ would be great.
@alexandermchan Thank you Alex, insightful suggestion. We will definitely consider it!
Using Copy'em Paste since 2014 and I'm pretty happy with it. What makes 'Copia for Mac' better than 'Copy'em Paste' and why should I choose it over 'Copy'em Paste' and switch to that?
This seems very similar to Paste but with a vertical paste bar instead of their horizontal one, and no support for El Capitan. What's new and different?
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@iamsebj Copia has a different approach in accessing, previewing and managing the clips. We used a vertical form factor that we find more natural and added things like the dark theme, favorites, pause, type filters and a quick textual clips list accessible from the menu bar.
@marcellobertoli Right, I see! Will be interested to see your pricing. For anyone reading through the comments: Paste's dark theme can't be manually controlled but auto-adapts to the system setting; Copia favourites are equivalent to Paste's manually-organised sections (unlimited sections with custom names and colours, drag & drop items in); Paste lacks type filters, pause, and a quick textual clips list but whether you will use them is up to you. [Filters: there are options to filter apps, confidential data, generated content] Personally, I wouldn't use any of the added complexity in terms of features or the UI (sidenotes: Paste uses a rounded help icon in lower right of every preferences pane which would be great to see here; [+] and [-] when editing filtered apps instead of writing out the words; and seems to have a much better structure).
@iamsebj you can filter snippets in Paste by typing a query in a search bar, e.g. "Link Safari producthunt" will show all links copied from Safari that contains "producthunt" ;)
@stel2k Thanks for the great tip - didn't realise this was possible!
@stel2k @iamsebj wow awesome! had no clue either
Was looking for a new clipboard manager, smooth onboarding, great design... nice work guys!
If you like this, you should definitely check out @Paste_App. It's really, really well done and they just released an update that syncs your clipboard history across iCloud. Pro Tip: Set the keyboard shortcut to Shift + Command + V and you'll look like a wizard in front of your friends.
@joshuapinter @paste Paste feels like the clipboard manager Apple would make. It's on par with the work OmniGroup does. I can't imagine using a Mac without Paste now. Highly recommend.
@theleovogel @joshuapinter @yeah I tried it, I wasn't sufficiently updated... I was looking for a new one, Copia fills this need
@theleovogel @joshuapinter @yeah Oops I was talking about Pastebot. Will check out Paste
Looks promising :) subscribed to your news
@galeriks Thank you 😊