Medical bills reviewed, negotiated, and resolved for you



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Andrew Lin@andrewrlin · Founder KingForADay, Tip
Seems to be a trend of these types of advocates as a service type of products. I particularly this one in an industry where there is so little transparency in cost and insurance reimbursement policies. Not to mention, the most vulnerable party in this is the patient who often knows little of their rights and opportunities to push back. Personal experience: My wife recently gave birth and has been fighting with a OBYN that she initially visited. Normal pregnancy, low risk. However she was given ultrasounds on each visit (for a normal pregnancy this only happens once every 3 visits). Insurance did not cover the additional ultrasounds as it was not a high risk pregnancy. We have been fighting a bill from this doctor for over 12 months now. What she needs is an knowledgeable advocate here!
Tyler HayesHunter@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@andrewrlin Bingo! Hope everything gets worked out Andrew.
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
seems like Fixed for medical bills. I'm signing up!
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@thetylerhayes any idea what the pricing model is?
Tyler HayesHunter@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@_jacksmith Yeah it's pretty simple: - they review your medical bills + send you an audit for free. - if you then want one of their advocates to negotiate on your behalf, it's a 35% fee of whatever they save you (0% if no savings)