Create a living playlist from links in your Slack

The music app for Slack. Cooler collects music links in your channels into a continuously updated browser-based playlist.
Supported services: YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Hype Machine, Mixcloud and direct mp3s links.
Using Slack to talk about music with our team wasn't always great— scrolling to find a track, losing your place in the conversation, and interrupting playback. We built Cooler to make it better. If you work with music professionally, or just talk about tracks you enjoy with your coworkers, this is for you. Demo here: It's an early version, so of course, we'd love your feedback!
@fascinated Looks great and amazing idea :) Is apple music support in the pipeline?
@nshoush yeah. technically, apple music links already work, they just get quietly converted into spotify links (if the content is available)
Time to add this to our #music channel in Slack, @amrith. What's next on the roadmap, @fascinated?
@amrith @rrhoover For now, curious to learn more about how people will be using this, and what things they feel are missing. Overall, we are thinking about building a dedicated space for conversations about music - many platforms don't make this very smooth (or have very diverging priorities), so perhaps music needs a space of its own!
Ooh, awesome. I love this idea. We always wanted to figure out how to auto-generate mixtapes for any community, and I think you're finally doing it!
This is awesome :) Congrats on your launch Anthony. Looking forward to giving this a try